Avery Darling is a Cloud District CRiTORA and one of the main characters in the series.


The Canary CRiTORA. The young adventurer of the Cloud District. To Avery Darling, every day is an exciting day! This adorable birdie loves to explore CRiTOPiA with her trusty plane, the Darling Dasher. Avery is sure to lift your spirits if you are feeling down! ViRUSES fear her lagging Darling Dash, but Avery is scared of ViRUSES herself.

Physical Appearance

Avery's feathers are colored bright yellow. Her wings, eyes, tail feathers and hair tip are colored pink along with her heart-shaped cheeks. Her beak and legs are colored light pink, and has a white underbelly. The legs have three toes on each foot.

Avery wears a dark pink aviator helmet with darker pink goggles featuring pink glass, a white scarf, and a dark pink cuff around one of her legs.


When infected by a ViRUS, the color of Avery's feathers are now pink, along with the tail feathers being jagged and having black and yellow stripes. Her hair tip now appears to be jagged, along with her beak which is now colored light pink. Her eyes are now colored yellow and have light pink rectangular, mismatched pupils like Spottie Leonard's infected form. Her helmet is colored magenta and it's accents are now colored black with one of them being rectangular. Her goggles are colored black, have yellow glasses and one of them is rectangular in shape. Her heart-shaped cheeks are now replaced by dark pink "X" shapes.

Her scarf is now colored black and appears to be jagged. Her white underbelly is now replaced by black and yellow binary codes and extends to the bottom of her beak. Her wings are now dark pink with yellow tips and her legs are now colored light pink, with one of them being black. Also, her body is now blocky.


  • Darling Dash - Avery can create pink trails to slow down any ViRUSES, making them lag.
  • Pretty Peck - Avery pecks the ViRUS with her beak, sometimes deleting the ViRUS.
  • Bird Hug - Avery's hugs can make a CRiTORA feel better instantly. She uses this ability passively when her friends are in a bad mood.


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  • She was originally a seagull named Avey. Avey was slightly redesigned and was brought back as Coral Seavia.
  • Avery originally had a British accent in Season 1 and Dawn of the Nameless, but starting in Error 404, she has an American accent.

Design origins

Avery is based on a canary.

Name origins

Her first name is derived from aviator. Her last name comes from her endearing nature.

Design changes

In Season 1, her yellow feathers, brown aviator helment, and orange beak and legs had become more saturated (except on the torso), her pilot googles now bearing white glass instead of light blue, has a less angular and more rounded body, and her bottom shaved off.

In Season 2, she was given a more simplified color palette, with her yellow feathers being subdued. Her brown aviator helmet and grey cuff now being dark pink, her grey pilot googles had become a darker shade of pink, her eye pupils became more detailed, now supporting a pink iris and a dark pink pupil as opposed to pure black, and her orange beak and feet is now colored light pink. It can also be seen that her wings and tail feathers were made curvier, her circular shoulders and thighs had been stripped off, her eyelashes had become thinner, its beak became smaller with a darker mouth, her legs had been straighten and thicken, her aviator helmet has longer and rounded-off ear tips, and the pilot goggles not only became bigger, but it now has pink transparent glass as opposed to solid white.


Pilot Season

Season 1