Bebe Byrd is a Garden District CRiTORA and a member of the CRiTORA Squad. She is Iggy Digahol's best friend.


The Ladybug CRiTORA. Think about what you say or do around Bebe Byrd. This CRiTORA's no nonsense personality has made other CRiTORA fearful of her. However, she is protective of those she cares about, especially Iggy Digahol. If you mess with Iggy, Bebe is sure going to wallop you! Although Bebe is loud, she lives in the peaceful Garden District. She's also a member of the CRiTORA Squad, a group of young CRiTORA with the intent of fighting ViRUSES.

Physical appearance

Bebe is a ladybug-like CRiTORA and is solidly red and dark grey. She has a pair of small, dark grey antennae, yellow eyes with dark grey eyelids, and a dark grey muzzle with a jagged mouth. She also has small, dark grey cheeks. Her overall body is colored dark grey and is segmented, on her back, there is a red wingcase with dark grey spots. Inside, there are white-colored wings. Also at the body, there are red joints that connect to the limbs. Her arms are thin and dark grey and have red boxing glove-shaped hands. She has four small, dark grey insectoid legs.


Design origins

Bebe is based on a ladybug.