Gerard "Big G" Miner is a Beach District CRiTORA.


The Emerald CRiTORA. Gerard Miner, better known as Big G, is the biggest kid in CRiTOPiA, as well as one of the biggest CRiTORA. Although his personality is fairly serious, they're a gentle giant at heart. Being made of diamond has made him impossible to break, but at the cost of making them physically slow. Big G is a pacifist, refusing to hurt even ViRUSES, but he will use his magic abilities to enhance the combat abilities of their friends.

Physical Appearance

Big G is emerald green and boxy in appearance. His head seems to be in the shape of a diamond with two dark green hole-like carvings for eyes and no visible mouth. Their overall body is boxy and has a dark green underbelly in the center with a black grille. He has dark green upper arms that end with emerald and dark green boxy lower arms and dark green hands. Below their body, there are dark green legs with black boots.

Big G wears a pair of black handcuffs with yellow accents and a black and yellow belt around his waist.


  • Diamond Strength - Big G can use his especially strong arms to lift heavy objects around. However, Big G refuses to hurt even ViRUSES with their strength, as he is a pacifist.
  • Gem Magic - Big G is able to use psychic magic to enhance other CRiTORA's fighting abilities, such as making them more resistant to ViRUS attacks.


Big G Miner/Gallery


  • They are the first CRiTORA to have a voice given by a text-to-speech software -or in his case, site.

Name origins

His first real name could be derived from Emerald.

Design changes

Big G acquires a subdued color palette and a more gem-like impression with the addition of shading.


Pilot Season

Season 1