Bunsen Bitz is a Tech District CRiTORA and Nuzzie's brother.


The Rabbit CRiTORA. One of the Bitz twins. Bunsen Bitz is a hyperactive CRiTORA who's bouncing from one place to another, in contrast with his shy sister Nuzzie, but he can not be far away from her or he'll start to get nervous. He enjoys making all sorts of inventions, especially small robots or useful tools. ViRUSES fear Bunsen for his electric plug ears, which can discharge huge amounts of electricity.

Physical Appearance

Bunsen is a gray-furred rabbit-like CRiTORA with a pair of yellow plug-in blades for ears. He wears a pair of black glasses that appears to have tape in the middle. His muzzle is white and in the middle, there is a dark gray nose. At the torso, he has a white underbelly, along with short arms with white, stubby hands and white three-toed paws. At the rear of his body, he has a large, yellow, fluffy tail.


When infected by a ViRUS, Bunsen's fur is now colored black. His hairdo now has five spikes with yellow and golden yellow chips on two of the spikes. His plug-in blade ears mostly have black and yellow stripes and golden yellows holes with one of the ears being bent to the left. The right ear seems to have parts of golden yellow. Also, there are yellow and golden yellow bases below the ears.

His glasses are now colored gold with yellow lenses and are star-shaped with six points. His pupils are white and smaller than they would normally be. His muzzle is now rectangular in shape and yellow in color, along with the nose which is colored gold. His mouth is jagged and his front teeth are rectangular in an uneven way. In addition, there is a black tuft of fur on the left side of his face while a dark black, spikier tuft is located on the right side of his face.

Bunsen's body now takes on a hexagonal shape while his underbelly is now colored yellow and takes on an octagonal shape. There's a yellow and golden-yellow chip located on the left hip. His arms are replaced by longer, thinner and jagged arms ending with yellow star-shaped hands with five points. His right foot has a yellow heel which ends with a golden-yellow foot and then yellow toes, his left foot remains unchanged with it now colored golden yellow. On the backside, his tail is now colored golden-yellow and spiky compared to his fluffy tail he once possessed. Also, there is a thin yellow extension that makes it look like the tail has extended.


  • Fuzzy Shocker - Bunsen can emit electricity from his plug ears to electrocute any ViRUSES that try to infect him. His glasses lenses turn yellow when using this ability. Bunsen also uses this ability to provide electricity to his inventions should they require it.
  • Bunny Light - Bunsen's ears and tail can illuminate when happy. If sad, his ears and tail turn dark.
  • Crafting - Bunsen can utilize anything he finds to make inventions with them.


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