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CRiTORA is an American animated web series created by Derek Spangler under his production name, Flaming Bird Workshop. The series premiered on July 29, 2020 on YouTube.


The series takes place in a digital utopia city known as CRiTOPiA, which is inhabited by various virtual creatures known as CRiTORA that each reside in different districts. The CRiTORA usually get themsleves into all sorts of wacky adventures and mishaps if possible. However, they would often be conflicted by the ViRUSES and the CRiViRUS Gang led by the hazardous Queen ViRUS, who wants to rule over all of CRiTOPiA thru infecting all of its inhabitants to do their bidding.


CRiTORA was originally conceived in 2016 as an internet comic strip known as Avey, which featured primitive versions of Avery (then known as Avey), Coneboy, and Spottie (then known as Spot), alongside other early designs and characters. On March of 2017, a pet-simulation game (in the vain of Tamagotchi) titled Creatures of Critora was published on Game Jolt, utilizing the same characters of the time.

Later on, various episodes and shorts of Creatures of Critora would be made between the summer of 2017 and early 2020, soon being rebranded to Critora: Critter Monsters before finally settling on CRiTORA. After numberous reboots and revamps, the final current series would officially premiere on July 29, 2020.

On April 2, 2021, it was announced that the CRiTORA would be updated for Season 2, with improved designs, subdued colors, and an overhaul of the scenery. It was also announced that Snow Fight would be the last episode of Season 1 as a result of the updated look. Season 2 premiered in August 6, 2021 with Dawn of the Nameless, and is currently ongoing.



The CRiTORA are the main protagonists of CRiTORA. They inhabit in CRiTOPiA, doing whatever they can with their lives and friends.

Main Characters

  • Eggy (voiced by Derek Spangler) An egg CRiTORA who is very cute and cheerful. He is also quite brave and when ViRUSES get in the way, he will burn them to deletion.
  • Spottie Leonard (voiced by Athena Priftakis) - A snow leopardess CRiTORA that is cheerful and laidback. She also loves to lead her friends into all sorts of adventures. She can calm down her friends when bad situations happen.
  • Coneboy Golliday (voiced by Anthony LoGatto) - A traffic cone CRiTORA who is quite cautious, but he is also zany and enjoys wacky things. He can also be somewhat sarcastic at times.
  • Avery Darling (voiced by Tamii/KawaiiSakura (Season 1, S2E1); Wubcake (Season 2)) - An canary CRiTORA that's outgoing and excitable. She loves adventures and always goes with Spottie and Coneboy on their adventures. Out of all of the other main characters though, she fears ViRUSES the most.
  • Bunsen Bitz (voiced by Derek Spangler) - A rabbit CRiTORA and Nuzzie's twin brother who is very intelligent, but also very hyperactive. He is a skilled inventor, though his inventions sometimes backfire on him, caused by his hyperactivity.
  • Nuzzie Bitz (voiced by Olivia Anne (Season 1); IMShadow007 (Season 2)) - A rabbit CRiTORA and Bunsen's twin sister that's much like her brother in terms of intelligence but is much more timid and shy. She would often take care of injured CRiTORA and LiFEFORMs, but is merciless towards ViRUSES, going all out on them.
  • Big G Miner (voiced with - A large emerald golem CRiTORA who is quiet and serious. He is very strong, but is a pacifist, since they do not want to scare anyone around them. He can generate magic that enhances the abilities of their friends.
  • [no name] (voiced by Colin Gorman) - A question mark CRiTORA. Little is known about [no name], but they would ask a lot of questions and gets confused easily. They are still learning about their abilities and the full extent of them.


  • Robert Bubbiduc (voiced by IMShadow007) - A rubber duck CRiTORA and the procliamed leader of the squad. Robert may be cute and sweet, but sometimes his desire to keep things clean may get in the way.
  • Kimi Canicani (voiced by Nina Nikolic) - A toucan CRiTORA and cheerful member of the squad. She is quite fashionable, being able to change her outfit in a spin to blend in with each District. Despite being a bit clumsy with the large beak of hers, Kimi's lively spirit would keep the CRiTORA Squad going.
  • Chap Adams (voiced by iahearteevee) - A guinea pig CRiTORA who is the brains of the squad. He is similar to the Bitz twins in terms of inventing stuff, but his inventions are much more practical and less likely to go haywire.
  • Bebe Byrd (voiced by Vivian Reed) - A ladybug CRiTORA and sensible member of the squad. It is best to be careful around Bebe Byrd, as her no-nonsense of thought will made other CRiTORA fearful of her. Despite this, she is protective of those that she cares about, giving a powerful punch to whoever messed with them.
  • Howie Mizo (voiced by Derek Spangler) - A kappa CRiTORA and quiet member of the squad. Howie is a bit sarcastic when around people, especially to those who are hyperactive like Nicky. Even so, Howie is a skilled swimmer, and when the squad goes underwater, he knows his way around.
  • Nicky Theodore (voiced by Anthony LoGatto) - A rat CRiTORA and speediest member of the squad, Nicky is sure to get things done quickly. He can be a little hyperactive, quite inpatient whenever interrupted in his path, and bit of a show off, but he means well to those about.
  • Iggy Digahol (voiced by Sam A. Webster) - A mole CRiTORA and timid member of the squad. Despite being the most timid, they are also the most gentle and kind-hearted of them.
  • Mackie Digiboy - A computer CRiTORA and high-tech master of the squad. He's a bit shy and geeky about stuff that he likes, such as the history of CRiTOPiA. He is also dreadful of the ViRUSES and V-CRiTORA that roam around the city. As such, he assembled the CRiTORA Squad to protect the city from infected foes.

The Wackiebuggies

  • Petunia Bloomer (voiced by Wubcake) - A fairy CRiTORA and leveled head of The Wackiebuggies. Although she boss around the constantly fighting Slurpy and Burnie, she seriously cares about them.
  • Slurpy Eatamore (voiced by Jewel Collins) - An anteater CRiTORA and one of The Wackiebuggies. He's not the brightest kind around, constantly arguing with Burnie over snacks. Nonetheless, he tries to be the best he could.
  • Burnie Sizzcan (voiced by Andre Grandpierre) - A fire ant CRiTORA and one of The Wackiebuggies. He is frequently anxious and panics over small things. He also gets into arguments with Slurpy over snacks a lot.

Ming-Ming n Goldie

  • Ming-Ming Light (voiced by IMShadow007) - An ElectroPet CRiTORA that is quite adorable and has very high intelligence. She is also best friends with Goldie Midas, who loves to take her on fun rides and discover new friends.
  • Goldie Midas (voiced by Christina Costello) - A balloon CRiTORA that’s light as air but hard as a diamond. Nothing can pop cheerful Goldie as she floats around happily throughout CRiTOPiA! She is also best friends with Ming-Ming Light, who she frequently travels around with and gives rides to.

Celeste of the Stars

  • Celeste Solaluna (voiced by Nina Nikolic) - An eclipse CRiTORA who is outgoing and enjoys meeting new CRiTORA, especially those from other Districts.



  • OS - The creator of the CRiTORA species.


The ViRUSES are the main antagonists of CRiTORA. They have one goal: To take over CRiTOPiA.

  • Queen ViRUS (voiced by Kelly Greenshield) - Leader of the ViRUS swarm. Everyday, she has one thing in mind: Take over CRiTOPiA. With her swarms of ViRUSES, a gang of CRiTORA siding with her, and a plethora of creative plans, she hopes one day that those pesky citizens won't stand a chance against her!
  • ViRAL Pup (voiced by Elizabeth Ryan) - Queen ViRUS's right hand ViRUS who is always with her side.
  • ViRUSES (voiced by Derek Spangler/Various) - Queen ViRUS' minions that are created to attack and infect CRiTORA.


  • Dundun Qwerty (voiced by Derek Spangler) - An error message CRiTORA and leader of the gang. Dundun likes to mock other CRiTORA with sarcastic computer error messages, but he's also a skilled fighter, so most CRiTORA wouldn't even try to mess with him.
  • Pluto Georgia - A springtail CRiTORA and smartest of the gang. Despite not having eyes, he can still detect things with his antennas. Although his fighting skills are nonexistent, he is a master of espionage, hiding to collect information to use against his enemies.
  • Gadget Brassblade - An artillery robot CRiTORA and industrial member of the gang. His favorite tools of deletion are usually infernal flames and screeching sawblades. In spite of this, he also has an arsenal of machinery when it comes to chasing other CRiTORA.
  • Me Him - A hippopotamus CRiTORA and dimwitted member of the gang. While not as threatening as the rest of the gang, he will attack when he bites through just about anything, which causes him to grow bigger in size.
  • Thinblade - A thinner CRiTORA and sour member of the gang. They show hatred towards the colorful Art District that is their home and would snatch whatever they consider brightly colored with their double-edge blades.
  • Oriba Cruzana - A volcano CRiTORA and powerful member of the gang. Oriba has a short temper that can turn explosive when least expected. During her rampages, she can damage almost everything on her path, and if ballistic enough, she will erupt.
  • Milan Cerfvolant - A kite CRiTORA and twisted member of the gang. Although Milan appears to be much friendlier than the rest of the gang, they have a twisted mind and enjoy slicing toys with their scissor wings.
  • Frostie Brrizald - A frostbite CRiTORA and cold member of the gang. She never forgets the most minimal details regarding instructions given. Most of the time she is out at night, ready to give CRiTORA a surprise dose of her freezing-cold nail claws.
  • Cuddles Calingereux - A jerboa CRiTORA and bittersweet member of the gang. Cuddles thinks highly of herself and often tries to act cute, but struggles to. Her heart tail contains toxins that can transform unsuspecting CRiTORA into an adorable, yet vicious version of themselves.
  • Chester Pestfrelon - A hornet CRiTORA and gloomy member of the gang. He hates LiFEFORMS as much as LiFEFROMS hate him. As such, he sprays the beautiful flowers around him with his pesticide stinger, which can delete LiFEFORMs quicker than the plague.
  • Lastee Ghostly - A swashbuckler CRiTORA and ocean member of the gang, formerly a member of the Ghostly Pirates. Lastee is ruthless in battle, always bringing her swashbuckler blades with her and being agile when using them.
  • Tipper Bluebell - A cow CRiTORA and crazy-eyed member of the gang. The spores produced by Tipper's horns can make CRiTORA go through hallucinations that'll keep them distracted so Tipper can kick them off with her hind legs, which possess great strength.
  • Barnaby Typhosoon - A tornado CRiTORA and scatterbrained member of the gang. Anything touched by him with bare hands will get blown away, which is why Barnaby will wear gloves and arm warmers most of the time. When angered, lightning comes out from the cloud, working as a spike shield for him.

List of episodes

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Season 1

Ep Title Release Date
1 Greetings from CRiTOPiA! July 29, 2020*
2 The Trash Can August 25, 2020*
3 Save! Delete! Copy! October 29, 2020
4 Lag Race December 17th, 2020
5 Beware the ViRUSES! February 17, 2021
6 Snow Fight April 13, 2021

* Reuploaded on September 2, 2020 to include the CRiTORA intro of the time.

Season 2

Ep Title Release Date
1 Dawn of the Nameless August 6, 2021
2 Error 404 October 15, 2021
3 Sky-Flying Frenzy November 15, 2021
4 BONUS Bonanza February 10, 2022


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  • CRiTORA takes inspiration from other shows and franchises including Mixels, Pokémon, Digimon, and Animator vs. Animation.
  • The CRiTORA Theme Song was initally composed by a former artist of the CRiTORA series during its last developmental phase back in the start of 2020. It was later reused in the first three episodes of Season 1. Starting with Lag Race however, due to conflictions with the artist, the theme (along with its Season 1 intro) was completely remade. The current theme, composed by LastyGhost, is a short, but fast-paced melody in A Major with electronic instruments that give the impression of a video game track.
    • The credits variation features a different set of video game instruments, goes at a slower pace and uses a progressive drumset. It was first heard in Beware the ViRUSES!

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