The CRiTORA are the species that inhabit CRiTOPiA and are the main protagonists in CRiTORA. They are created by OS as well as the city they reside.



Every CRiTORA has a special ability that makes them unique. For example, Quirko has the ability to freely shapeshift, Eggy can turn red with rage, Coneboy Golliday can stretch his arms into different lengths, Dashie Speedenburg and Nicky Theodore both rely on speed and much more.


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Most of the CRiTORA's alignment is depicted as good. However, some can be depicted as bad, such as the CRiViRUS Gang as they are sided with the species' main enemy, the ViRUSES.


CRiTORA can range in size. Proton Atomize is the smallest CRiTORA while Rumpy Sailorobbie is the largest CRiTORA. However, most CRiTORA are around the same size.


All CRiTORA have a unique appearance, depending on their shape, size, characteristic or color. Some are based on animals while others take the form of plants, food, vehicles, objects, robots and even human-like forms. Some can be hybrids of either two.. Some CRiTORA may consist of more than one individual, whenever conjoined with one another or separate individuals.


Although most CRiTORA have assigned ages, they do not age and are programmed by OS to act like a certain age. Some CRiTORA refuse to disclose their ages while others are ageless.


All CRiTORA have the ability to freely express their emotions towards themselves, other CRiTORA and the world surrounding them. In Greetings from CRiTOPiA!, Spottie Leonard got angry at Avery Darling for pushing Coneboy on the swing too high, causing her to feel upset for doing so.


Some CRiTORA normally have red or pink-colored tongues; others may have different-colored tongues depending on their body color or design, like Eggy's yellow tongue for example.


Every CRiTORA has a gender that helps identify their characteristics and personalities. Some are male, some are female or in some cases, non-binary. Some CRiTORA go by more than one pronoun while others may choose not to disclose their gender.

List of CRiTORA

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