All 13 members.

The CRiViRUS Gang are a group of CRiTORA sided with the ViRUSES. They cause trouble in order to help Queen ViRUS achieve her goals.

Known Members

  • Dundun Qwerty - The sarcastic leader of the CRiViRUS Gang. He is the Tech District member.
  • Pluto Georgia - An intellgent springtail CRiTORA. He is the Moon District member.
  • Gadget Brassblade - An artillery robot CRiTORA. He is the Industrial District member.
  • Me Him - A gluttonous hippopotamus CRiTORA. He is the Jungle District member.
  • Thinblade - A thinner CRiTORA. They are the Art District member.
  • Oriba Cruzana - A short-tempered volcano CRiTORA. She is the Beach District member.
  • Milan Cerfvolant - A kite butterfly CRiTORA. They are the Toy District member.
  • Frostie Brrizald - A literal cold CRiTORA. She is the Winter District member.
  • Cuddles Calingereux - An egotistical and crazed jerboa CRiTORA. She is the Haunted District member.
  • Chester Pestfrelon - A LiFEFORM-hating hornet CRiTORA. He is the Garden District member.
  • Lastee Ghostly - A swashbuckler CRiTORA. She is the Ocean District member, as well as the traitor of the Ghostly Pirates.
  • Tipper Bluebell - A crazed cow CRiTORA. She is the Food District member.
  • Barnaby Typhosoon - A scatterbrained tornado CRiTORA. He is the Cloud District member.


  • The ViRUS Emblem proves that someone is a member of the CRiViRUS Gang.
  • They were inspired by the N-Mixel Armada from the cancelled Mixels fangame Mixels Unite.