Dashie Speedenburg is a Tech District CRiTORA.


The Dachshund CRiTORA. If a race ever happens in CRiTOPiA, Dashie Speedenburg is sure to participate. This tomboyish CRiTORA loves to speed around CRiTOPIA on her wheels. However, thanks to her speed, sometimes she'll crash into things without realizing. ViRUSES can not catch up to Dashie when she dashes away from them, but Dashie avoids fighting them directly.

Physical Appearance

Dashie resembles a dachshund on wheels. She has black fur with yellow stripes. Her head is a rectangular shape with spiky fringes of fur coming out from the back of it. She has long, yellow ears with spiky tips that are identical to the head's hair. She also has a yellow muzzle with a pitch-black nose and a mouth that also appears to be pitch-black on the inside, a sky blue tongue and fangs protruding from the upper jaw. Her eyes are yellow and have jagged eyelashes.

Dashie's body is long and reminiscent to that of a real dachshund's and has a yellow lightning bolt-shaped stripe on the side of her body. Her front limbs have sky blue joints that connect to thin, yellow legs and instead of paws, there are sky blue and black tires with a light gray detail on each. Her hind legs are also colored yellow and have tires as well. At the rear of her body, there are fringes of fur that mimic a tail.

Dashie wears a sky blue collar with a yellow rhombus plaque having a 'D' printed on it.


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Design origins

Dashie is based on a dachshund.

Name origins

Her first name is derived from Dash, though it can also be derived from the first syllable of Dachshund. Her last name comes from Speed, with Burg being a suffix used in some last names.

Season 2 changes

Dashie has her color palette subdued. Her wheels are given a very small detail.


Season 1