Dundun Qwerty is a Tech District CRiTORA and the leader of the CRiViRUS Gang.


The Error Message CRiTORA. Dundun Qwerty is the leader of the CRiVIRUS Gang, a group of troublemakers helping the evil Queen ViRUS. Dundun likes to mock other CRiTORA with sarcastic computer error messages, but he's also a skilled fighter, so most CRiTORA don't even try to mess with him. One punch from him can cause a CRiTORA to have a BSOD moment. Why he sides with the ViRUSES remains a big mystery...

Physical appearance

Dundun resembles a yellow computer error message. He has a yellow and white head that takes the appearance of a computer error message, except there's a single, red eye and a dark gold mouth arranged in the style of an exclamation point. On his body, there is a white accent and a red title that reads "ERROR" on it and pink, dark gold and red buttons at the upper right corner. He also has a pair of yellow and white arms with red buttons and three, red fingers on each.

Dundun has purple, pink, bright purple, red and black ViRUS emblem cuffs around his arms.


  • ERROR Punch - Dundun punches those who oppose him with great force.
  • Mock Messages - Dundun creates a sarcastic message to distract the enemy.


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  • He is the Tech District member of the CRiViRUS Gang, as well as the leader.
  • His original name was Dudun.

Design origins

Dundun is based on an alert dialog box.

Name origins

Dundun is an onomatopoeia of the error message sound a Windows computer makes. Qwerty is derived from the QWERTY keyboard layout.

Season 2 changes

Aside from the slight name change, Dundun has his design slightly altered, but his color palette is only subdued.


Season 2