Dundun Qwerty is a Tech District CRiTORA and the leader of the CRiViRUS Gang.


The Error Message CRiTORA. Dundun Qwerty is the leader of the CRiVIRUS Gang, a group of troublemakers helping the evil Queen ViRUS. Dundun likes to mock other CRiTORA with sarcastic computer error messages, but he's also a skilled fighter, so most CRiTORA don't even try to mess with him. One punch from him can cause a CRiTORA to have a BSOD moment. Why he sides with the ViRUSES remains a big mystery...

Physical appearance

Dundun resembles a yellow computer error message. He has a yellow and white head that takes the appearance of a computer error message, except there's a single, red eye and a dark gold mouth arranged in the style of an exclamation point. On his body, there is a white accent and a red title that reads "ERROR" on it and pink, dark gold and red buttons at the upper right corner. He also has a pair of yellow and white arms with red buttons and three, red fingers on each.

Dundun has purple, yellow, dark purple and black ViRUS emblem cuffs around his arms.


  • ERROR Punch - Dundun punches those who oppose him with great force, knocking them unconscious.
  • Mock Messages - Dundun creates a sarcastic message to distract the enemy.
  • Firewall - Dundun creates a wall of fire that protects him from his opposers. Any CRiTORA who tries to hit him will be burned.
  • Mad Eye Rings - Dundun's eye can shoot ring-shaped energy beams to drive his enemies away.


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  • He is the Tech District member of the CRiViRUS Gang, as well as the leader.
  • His original name was Dudun.

Design origins

Dundun is based on an alert dialog box.

Name origins

Dundun is an onomatopoeia of the error message sound a Windows computer makes. Qwerty is derived from the QWERTY keyboard layout.

Design changes

Aside from the slight name change, Dundun has his design slightly altered, but his color palette is only subdued.


Season 1