Eggy is a Meetup District CRiTORA.


The Egg CRiTORA. Eggy may be small and squeaky, but he has a big heart for all of CRiTOPiA. He loves to play with his friends, as well as creating things from his little imagination! As adorable as he is, Eggy despises ViRUSES, scorching them with his sizzling claws while in a rage. At his angriest, he can even create an egg bomb to delete ViRUSES instantly! He is also the creator of the mysterious unnamed question mark robot CRiTORA...

Physical Appearance

Eggy resembles an egg with a white body with orange and grey patches. His eyes are colored black with yellow pupils and there are orange rings surrounding them on the outside.

Eggy's mouth is colored orange, has tiny fangs at the upper jaw and his tongue is colored yellow. He has stubby arms with three grey and orange fingers on each.

Below Eggy's body, he has two, small feet with three grey and orange toes on each. The colors of the digits seem to have a generic pattern, with orange being between each grey digit. He also has a small, tapering tail at the rear of his body.

Egg Rage

Eggy's body turns red, with the patches, rings, fingers, and toes turning crimson red.


When infected by a ViRUS, half of Eggy's body is now colored dark gray while the other half is colored black. The orange ring around his eye is now colored light brown. His other eye is now solid yellow and the ring is completely absent. His mouth is now colored black, has been jagged and his fangs have been moved to the lower jaw.

The digits on both his hands and feet are entirely orange instead of having grey with orange in the middle. Also, his left is now colored black, completely blocky in shape and one of his fingers are positioned like a thumb. His left foot has also turned blocky as a result of the infection. One of V-Eggy's spots is now colored light brown like the right eye. His tail is now colored black, crooked and slightly longer than the original. In addition, the rest of V-Eggy's traits remain slightly unaltered.


  • Egg Rage - When angered, Eggy gains additional abilities to burn and breathe fire. He can also do this to attack ViRUSES and delete them.
  • Sizzling Scratch - Along with rage, Eggy's claws can also turn entirely orange and becomes so hot, to the point they can set things on fire.
  • Egg Bomb - If extremely angry, there is a small chance Eggy will create an egg-shaped bomb that will instantly delete a ViRUS.
  • Eggy Ball - To move around quickly, Eggy turns himself into a perfect sphere shape to roll around.




  • He was originally going to be a Winter District CRiTORA before being decided to be a Meetup District CRiTORA.
  • He was also originally drawn as a turquoise blob-like creature with a capsule container for a shell. This design would later be reused for Capsule Gotcha.

Design origins

He is based on an egg. His reptilian features suggest he could be based on a dinosaur.

Name origins

Eggy is derived from egg.

Design changes

In the Pilot Season, Eggy's color palette was drastically reduced, as his 6 colorful patches from his early 2020 design (which were supposed to represent the rest of the main cast's colors) were changed to just 3 orange and grey patches. Also, the grey rings around his eyes were changed to orange, the pupils appear bigger, his yellow hand claws and grey feet claws are now orange and grey colored for both limbs, and he gained fangs and tail, to add more cuteness to the design.

In Season 1, his color pallete was subdued, opting for a lighter greyish body and a darker mouth, additionally with smaller fangs.


Pilot Season

Season 1