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The information in the article below contains spoilers for the CRiTORA series. Please watch the episode(s) in question if you haven't seen them already.

"Error 404" is the second episode of the first season of CRiTORA. It was released on October 15, 2021.


A ViRUS-aiding CRiTORA causes some trouble in the Meetup District.


Continuing from where the first episode left off, the trio has finished resting at the clubhouse and are now ready to resume the search. As soon as they head outside again, they find [no name] in their path, meaning that the search for the robot has ended, according to Coneboy, but [no name] denies the theory and disappears, prompting the search to start again and the trio to head outside.

Meanwhile, Dundun Qwerty along with some ViRUSES hide behind a billboard hears the trio coming. He asks the ViRUSES to infect the CRiTORA, so that he can impress the queen. While doing so, he proceeds to use his error messages to distract the coming CRiTORA. In the middle of the search, the kids are blocked by one of Dundun's error messages, much to the concern of Spottie, Coneboy and Avery. Without warning, the ViRUSES attack the three from behind, infecting them and pleasing Dundun. Before he could leave, Lorenzo Photozoom starts recording him and causes the error message CRiTORA to grow angry and punch Lorenzo out of the scene.

Later on, the Bitz Twins and Big G are having a relaxing day at the CRiTOPiA Park until [no name] appears in front of them, much to the trio's surprise but they disappear before they could answer, leaving Eggy behind. They try to comfort the little egg, but is interrupted by the presence of several V-CRiTORA wreaking havoc in the Meetup District. Big G and Bunsen manage to disinfect the infected CRiTORA while Nuzzie decides to look after Eggy. When the battle was over, the kids thank each other for disinfecting them and finding Eggy, but were unable to find [no name]. Then, they encounter Dundun, who is angered by the fact that the CRiTORA have been disinfected and is shown to be working with the ViRUSES, as evidenced by the cuffs he is wearing. Eggy attempts to attack Dundun but, like before, gets saved into his inventory.

[no name] appears and saves his master by firing a rocket at Dundun, sending him far away from the Meetup District and removing Eggy from his inventory. After that, Nuzzie asks [no name] what their name is, but they don't know and teleport out of sight. It seems like [no name] could be their name until they finally know. But now that the search is done for today, it is now rest time for the main CRiTORA. By the end of the episode, Dundun finds himself at home as his sister, Poppy, finds him unconscious. She asks him if he could take her to the CRiTOPiA Park, which he accepts, and Poppy goes off in excitement while he drops unconscious again.


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  • This is the first episode to feature a member of the CRiViRUS Gang.
  • This is the first episode with Avery and Nuzzie's new voice actors.
  • Six previews of the episode were released:
    • The first preview was released on September 19th, featuring Avery and Coneboy.
    • The second one was released on September 24th, consisting of a storyboard featuring Bunsen, Nuzzie, and Big G.
    • A third one was released on September 29th, featuring Dundun.
    • The fourth one, released on October 4th, is a complete version of the storyboard of Bunsen, Nuzzie, and Big G.
    • A fifth one was released on October 10th, featuring Potato.
    • The sixth and final preview was released on October 14th, featuring more visually appealing versions of the first preview and a scene featuring Spottie.
  • While The Trash Can featured a Windows XP Error sound at the time of the CRiTORA Overload Error, this episode introduces an original error sound consisting of three rapid notes with an acid pad.
  • This episode introduces a new credits format, showing the Clubhouse's outdoors as it becomes nighttime, and with the screen showing the credits rather than a large, revolving question mark.

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