Gadget Brassblade is an Industrial District CRiTORA and a member of the CRiViRUS Gang.


The Artillery Robot CRiTORA. If there are two things Gadget, the Industrial member of the CRiViRUS Gang, loves to deletion, they are infernal flames and screeching sawblades. Although he has an arsenal of machinery when it comes to chasing -and attempting to hurt- other CRiTORA, the flamethrower and the sawblade are his favorite tools. Saltwater is his darkest fear.

Physical appearance

Gadget has a round, bronze-brown segmented head, with cream-yellow eyes in a goldenrod sclera, 'ears' that follow the same color pattern. It floats above his body, which has an inverted trapezoidal shape, is bronze brown with a goldenrod accent on the bottom -this accompanied by a sequence of cream yellow lights, and has silvery-blue pauldrons covering goldenrod, spherical joints, connect bronze-brown arms, and the joints that act as elbows have a silvery-blue accent.

When not equipping any of his artillery, Gadget has goldenrod hands with silvery-blue joints. He has bronze-brown conveyor belts that act as his feet.

Gadget has the ViRUS emblem on his chest.

There is a companion drone that shares his head shape and color palette. It has gold insectoid legs, a robotized scorpion-like gold tail, and a cream-yellow propeller on top.


  • He is the Industrial District member of the CRiViRUS Gang.

Design origins

While Gadget has no exact design basis, his weaponry is based on the artillery utilized by industrial machines.

Name origins

Gadget refers to his artillery. Brassblade is a portmanteau between Brass and Sawblade.

Season 2 changes

Gadget has his color palette subdued. The main change does not involve him, but the addition of a companion drone.