Goldie Midas is a Cloud District CRiTORA.


The Balloon CRiTORA. A small floating CRiTORA that’s light as air, but hard as diamond! Nothing can pop cheerful Goldie Midas as she floats around happily throughout CRiTOPiA! Goldie is also able to turn any inanimate object she touches into gold! But don’t think about selling these golden objects, as they’re considered fools gold! She is best friends with Ming-Ming Light, who she gives rides to.

Physical appearance

Goldie has a round goldenrod yellow head-body with beady eyes, a mouth without a tongue, and gold cheeks. She has stubby arms that lack fingers, a knot on the bottom of her body, and a gold string with a yellow bow.


When infected by a ViRUS, Goldie becomes V-Goldie, is purple in color, and acquires a square shape. Her hands become lavender, one of her eyes becomes square with a lavender, rhombus iris, while her other eye remains circular with a lavender interior. Her cheeks become blackish squares and are placed on her left, with her right becoming a blackish and lavender chip. Her string becomes blackish, rough, and her bow becomes lavender with spiked tips.


Design origins

Goldie is based on a balloon.

Name origins

Her first name is derived from Gold. Her last name comes from King Midas, a character from Greek mythology who possessed the ability to turn anything he touched into gold, referring to one of her abilities.

Design changes

In Early 2020, Goldie had a paler yellow body. On Season 1, her color palette is slightly darkened and made more vivid. For Season 2, it remains majorly the same, but subdued.

As V-Goldie, her color palette was little to no different from her normal self. This is changed in Season 2, with her color palette being modified to contrast it, the circular segments becoming square, and the shape of the bow being modified.


Season 1