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The information in the article below contains spoilers for the CRiTORA series. Please watch the episode(s) in question if you haven't seen them already.

"Greetings from CRiTOPiA!" is the premiere episode of the pilot season of CRiTORA. It was released on July 29, 2020.


Spottie, Coneboy, and Avery have some fun at the CRiTOPiA Park.


The episode begins with Spottie Leonard laying under a tree, resting. She expresses her love of CRiTOPiA, claiming it is peaceful. Spottie gets up and notices OS, sleeping over the CRiTORA Creation Tower, which Spottie laughs at. Coneboy Golliday runs up to Spottie, showing off his new "ball", which turns out to be Ball, who requests Coneboy to put him down, which Coneboy does.

Later, Spottie is laying on top of a playground fort, claiming it reminds her of her District. Coneboy tells Spottie he had just beat Tic, Tac & Toe Totems at a game of tic-tac-toe, angering Tic, in which Tac tells him Coneboy is good at the game while Toe wants his own game called Toe, causing his brothers to give him a dirty look, which he runs away, with his brothers intact. Spottie proclaims she is at the highest point of the playground, only for Avery Darling to say she's higher. Spottie gets the idea to climb a climbing wall. At first, she feels no motivation, but has to do it anyway. At the top, she finds out Avery climbed an even taller wall, along with Coneboy, shocking Spottie.

Meanwhile, at a bench, Avery gets bored, while Spottie daydreams. As Avery asks Spottie where Coneboy is. Coneboy shows up, albeit in the form of an inanimate traffic cone. The girls are confused as Coneboy turns back into his normal form. He asks his friends if they want to use the swing set, which they agree, with Avery asking if she can push them on the swing.

At the swing set, Avery pushes Coneboy on the swing, but begins to push Coneboy too high, sending him flying and falling on his face. Just as Spottie asks to be pushed on the swing, Avery pushes her too high as well, causing Spottie to yell at Avery. Avery, now upset, walks away.

It is the evening. Coneboy wonders what OS is doing, which he is still sleeping. Spottie asks where Avery is, but Coneboy tells Spottie that she upset her, disapointing Spottie. Avery laments that "Spottie hates her now". Spottie, ashamed, goes to apologize to Avery. At first, Avery refuses to accept, but Spottie tells her she is one of her best friends, making Avery forgive her. Coneboy is in awe. Spottie proceeds to tell her friends it was nice to spend the day with them.

At the CRiTORA Creation Tower, OS briefly wakes up, asking what's going on, before quickly falling asleep as the episode ends.



  • A sneak peek of this episode was released on July 18, 2020 on YouTube.
  • This episode, and the next episode "The Trash Can," are the only episodes to feature the CRiTORA logo from late 2019.

Cultural References

  • Spottie saying "oh my spanglers!" after being kicked in the air by Avery is a reference to the creator of the show, Derek Spangler.



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