Howie Mizo is a Beach District CRiTORA and a member of the CRiTORA Squad.


The Kappa CRiTORA. The quiet member of the CRiTORA Squad. Howie is a bit sarcastic, especially around the hyperactive Nicky. However, Howie is a skilled swimmer, and when the CRiTORA Squad goes underwater, he knows his way around! When he's not with the CRiTORA Squad, he's skateboarding in the Beach District, trying to remain cool with the residents there.

Physical appearance

Howie's skin solidly consists of medium green, yellow, and dark green. He has a sky blue "dish" that has yellow strands of hair at the top of his head. His eyes have yellow sclera, black pupils, and dark green eyelids. His beak is colored yellow and is slightly crooked in appearance. His body is colored dark green, has a yellow, scaly underbelly, a sky-blue shell on his back and yellow joints that connect to his limbs. His flipper-like arms are green and have sky blue stripes for each. Below his body, he has green legs and sky blue and yellow shoes.


Design origins

Howie is based on the kappa, a creature from Japanese folklore.