Iggy Digahol is a Garden District CRiTORA and a member of the CRiTORA Squad. They are Bebe Byrd's best friend.


The Mole CRiTORA. Iggy is the most timid member of the CRiTORA Squad, but they are the most gentle and kind-hearted of them. Surprisingly, with those thick goggles, Iggy can see well, but sometimes they accidentally dig small holes in their cherished garden. Bebe Byrd is their best friend and the two enjoy gardening together.

Physical Appearance

Iggy is a mole-like CRiTORA and has marine blue fur with silver accents. They have two small, floppy ears sticking out of the head. Instead of a muzzle, Iggy has a silver and black drill. For the body, they have a silver underbelly and silver hands with black paw pads. They also have three white claws in place of fingers and silver paws with three toes on each. At the end of his body, they have a short, tapering tail.

Iggy wears a black pair of goggles.


Design origins

Iggy is based on a mole.

Name origins

Their last name is a play on Dig a hole.