Kimi Canicani is a Beach District CRiTORA and a member of the CRiTORA Squad.


The Toucan CRiTORA. A cheerful member of the CRiTORA Squad. Kimi is a fashionable CRiTORA who can change her outfit in a quick spin to blend in with each District. Too bad Kimi's a bit clumsy sometimes with the large beak of hers, but this CRiTORA's lively spirit will keep the CRiTORA Squad going. She and Nicky Theodore are best friends and they frequently work together as a result.

Physical Appearance

Kimi's feathers are black and white in color, like a real toucan. She has sky blue eyes and black pupils. Her bill is colored yellow and ends with pink and black stripes. She has small fringes of feathers that are positioned like ears. Her wings and tail feathers are wide and shaped like swimming fins. Her legs and feet are colored sky blue, like her eyes.

Kimi's outfit depends on the District she is visiting.

Winter District Outfit

Kimi wears a purple beanie with lavender accents and a white zig-zag running through, a purple sweater with white accents on the sleeves, a lavender dress, and lavender boots with the purple sole.

Beach District Outfit

Kimi wears a pair of pink sunglasses, a pink swimsuit with a single, yellow stripe at the upper torso and yellow sandals.

Food District Outfit

Kimi wears a red strawberry hat with white seeds and a green stem, with the dress following the same pattern.

Moon District Outfit

Kimi wears glasses with a dark blue rim, a dark blue dress with white stars, dark blue gloves with white wrists, and dark blue boots with the white sole.


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Design origins

Kimi is based on a toucan.