Me Him is a Jungle District CRiTORA and a member of the CRiViRUS Gang.


The Hippopotamus CRiTORA. A big dimwitted CRiTORA who's part of the troublemaking CRiViRUS Gang. Me is not as threatening as the rest of the CRiViRUS Gang, but beware when he bites. This CRiTORA can bite through just about anything and anything he eats causes him to grow bigger in size. He can only reach a certain size however, and that is big as Rumpy.

Physical Appearance

Coming soon.


  • Giga Bite - Me takes a massive bite of something with his big mouth. Me can bite through anything as long as it can fit in his mouth.
  • Size Growth - With each bite, Me grows in size until he reaches the same size as Rumpy Sailorobbie.
  • Explosion Cookbook - Me takes out a book which can spawn explosions, breaking things into bite-sized pieces in order for him to eat them.
  • Tera Stomp - Me stomps the enemy with great force.
  • Cannon Arms - Me turns his front legs into cannons, shooting explosives to break down his meals.


  • He is the Jungle District member of the CRiViRUS Gang.

Design origins

Me is based on a hippopotamus.

Name origins

His name is a play on Mayhem.

Season 2 changes

Me has his color palette entirely modified and his design altered for Season 2.