Milan Cerfvolant is a Toy District CRiTORA and the Toy Member of the CRiViRUS Gang.


The Kite CRiTORA. Although Milan appears to be much friendlier than the rest of the CRiViRUS Gang, they have a twisted mind and enjoy slicing toys with their scissor wings. Milan's idea of playtime causes their peers to run in fear, but does Milan really want a playmate or want to cause harm? Not even the CRiViRUS Gang knows what's the case.

Physical appearance

Coming soon.


  • Scissor Slash - Milan uses their scissor-like wings to cut things, mostly toys, into pieces.
  • Clown Giggle - Milan giggles crazily in order to unsettling those around them.
  • Kite Breeze - Milan creates a small whirlwind that blows things away.


Design origins

Milan is based on a kite with traits of a butterfly.

Name origins

Both their first and last names are two ways to say Kite in French.

Season 2 changes

Milan has their design partially changed, albeit their color palette is just subdued.