Ming-Ming Light is a Tech District CRiTORA.


The ElectroPet CRiTORA. An electronic pet toy CRiTORA. This adorable CRiTORA has very high intelligence and a LCD face that lights up. Be careful about messing with her, though! Ming-Ming can flash bright lights with her face to blind anyone that pushes her too far! She is also best friends with Goldie Midas, who loves to take her on fun rides, though the two enjoy making new friends in general.

Physical Appearance

Ming-Ming is mostly cream in color and resembles either a pika or a hamster. Her body is round, almost resembles that of an egg and has a white belly with the same shape. On top, there is a black panel that consists of a white face.

The face has a pair of rectangular eyes with three eyelashes sticking out from each, an oval nose, and a mouth that's in the shape of a smile. Beyond her body, she has six black, rounded whiskers with three on each side of her face, and on top, she has two round, black ears with white insides. Her stubby arms have a single white cuff on each and has black hands with three fingers on each. Below, she has two black paw-like feet with three toes on each and behind her, there is a round, black, rabbit-like tail.


Design origins

Ming-Ming Light shares traits with hamsters, pikas and electronic robotic toys such as Furby. She is also inspired by a redesign of Pikachu from the Pokémon franchise Derek did in 2017.

Name Origins

Light comes from Ming-Ming's robotic traits, particularly the face.


Season 1