Nicky Theodore is a Tech District CRiTORA and a member of the CRiTORA Squad.


The Rat CRiTORA. As the speediest member of the CRiTORA Squad, Nicky is sure to get things done quickly. He can be a little hyperactive and bit of a show off, but he means well. He is best friends with Kimi Canicani and works well with her, but is rivals with Howie Mizo, sometimes causing conflicts between the two. He also loves to race in the Tech District with his other friend Dashie Speedenburg.

Physical appearance

Nicky is a rodent CRiTORA with white fur. His ears have notches at the top and red insides. Like a rat, he has a snout that ends with a red nose. Nicky also has yellow eyes and for the mouth, what appears to be front teeth sticking out. At the body, he has long, humanoid arms and three-fingered hands with a single red stripe on each. His legs are also humanoid, and he wears red sneakers with white and yellow accents. He also has a long, yellow, thunderbolt-shaped tail.


Design origins

Nicky is based on a rat.