Nicole "Nuzzie" Bitz is a Tech District CRiTORA and Bunsen's sister.


The Rabbit CRiTORA. One of the Bitz twins. Nuzzie is a soft-spoken and timid CRiTORA, in contrast with her hyperactive brother Bunsen. She can not be far away from her brother or she'll start to get very shy. Nuzzie's specialty is to tend to injured CRiTORA with her First Aid kit program. However, if a ViRUS gets in her way, she will hurt them. Hard.

Physical Appearance

Nuzzie is a pink and red-furred rabbit-like CRiTORA. She has a pair of red, long ears with white insides and heart-shaped tips at the top. Her strands of hair have white tips. Like Bunsen, Nuzzie also has a white muzzle, except she has a red heart-shaped nose. At the torso, her white underbelly is shaped like a heart but flipped upside-down. Her arms have red three-fingered hands and has white three-toed paws, like her brother. At the rear of her body, there is a white, heart-shaped tail.

Nuzzie wears a large, purple bow at the back of her head.


When infected by a ViRUS, Nuzzie's fur is now colored bright purple. Her heart-shaped ears are now curved, colored in a darker shade of purple and have fringes at their tips. While the white insides remain uncolored, they've also taken shape with the outer ears. Her hairdo has sharper lavender tips and are more spaced out from each other. Her eyes are now colored medium purple with white pupils. One pupil is rectangular and roughly the size of the original pupils while the other is simply an ovular ring and much smaller.

One of her sets of eyelashes have nearly moved to the far left side of her left eye while the other remains in its original place. Her heart-shaped nose is colored medium purple and sports a crack at the center of it. Like V-Bunsen and V-Spottie, her mouth is also jagged; However, her front teeth remains completely unchanged, unlike V-Bunsen. Also, her bow is much bigger than the original and sports a black upper half and a medium purple lower half. At the same time her muzzle is colored lavender and more ovular in shape. On the left side of her face, there is a black and medium purple chip while the right side features three black rectangular spots of different sizes.

Her underbelly now has three small lavender crescent moon-like patterns conjoined and arranged in different positions. While her arms remain unchanged in shape, the hands are now colored lavender and there are two similar patterns like the face located on each arm, except in opposite way. Her feet are now colored lavender with one foot being trapezoidal in shape. Also, the tail is colored lavender and shaped like a crescent moon with a line conjoining it.


  • Tough Knuckle - Nuzzie can punch or kick ViRUSES with brute force. Her paws turn into boxing gloves when provoked.
  • Radar Bow - Her bow functions like a radar, finding any injured CRiTORA or LiFEFORMs to tend to. It can also be used to detect ViRUS presence.
  • FirstAid.exe - Nuzzie can help injured CRiTORA with a special computer program with tools and materials to treat them.


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  • She was originally designed as a heart-like creature. Eventually, that version was repurposed for Irina Heartrrow.
  • In Season 1, Nuzzie has a British accent, but starting in Season 2, she has an American accent.
    • This was due to her original VA not being able to reprise for Season 2.


Pilot Season

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