OS is the creator of the CRiTORA and a recurring character in the series.


The CRiTORiAN Creator. OS is the creator of all the CRiTORA... except for three of them. How he came to existence remains a mystery. Although he sleeps a lot, if any of the CRiTORA are in danger, he'll make sure keep them out of harms way. He resides on top of the mysterious CRiTORA Creation Tower in the Meetup District, watching over all of CRiTOPiA.

Physical Appearance

OS has a royal blue body with white sparkles surrounding him. He has a single eye that has a pale light blue sclera, a sky blue, red-orange and yellow eye with a thin, black pupil and midnight blue eyelids.

OS has 12 midnight blue arms with royal blue hands that appear to be holding an object that represents each district found in CRiTOPiA, except for the Moon and Meetup Districts.

  1. A dull purple snowflake represents the Winter District.
  2. A pink cloud represents the Cloud District.
  3. A turquoise and teal palm tree represents the Beach District.
  4. A yellow green and pale green flower represents the Garden District.
  5. A dark grey ghost-like figure represents the Haunted District.
  6. A yellow-orange and dark gold apple with a bite represents the Food District.
  7. A grey and light grey paintbrush represents the Art District.
  8. A baby blue toy block represents the Toy District.
  9. A dome contained with water represents the Ocean District.
  10. A green and dark green ball of vines represents the Jungle District.
  11. A yellow and dark yellow gear represents the Tech District.
  12. A dark red and red danger sign represents the Industrial District.


  • Despite being the creator of the CRiTORA, he is not a CRiTORA himself.

Name Origin

His name comes from the abbreviation of operating system.


Season 1