Oriba Cruzana is a Beach District CRiTORA and the Beach member of the CRiViRUS Gang.


The Volcano CRiTORA. A powerful member of the CRiViRUS Gang, Oriba has a short temper that can turn explosive when least expected. During her rampages, she can damage almost everything on her path, and if ballistic enough, she will erupt! However, most of the time she does not bother as much as other CRiViRUS Gang members do. If someone sees a fumarole on the horizon and/or feels a tremor, they must be prepared, because it can be a sign that Oriba is ready to wreak havoc...

Physical appearance

Oriba is mostly brown in color. Her body and legs take the shape of a real volcano and wears a light brown wristband with the ViRUS emblem on it. She has two black eyes with orange and yellow-gradient irises. Her mouth is also an orange and yellow-gradient with drips of lava coming out of it. Throughout her body, there is orange and yellow-gradient lava coming out from the top of her head and underneath her legs.


  • She's the Beach member of the CRiViRUS Gang.

Design origins

Oriba is based on a volcano.

Name origins

Her first name comes from Pico de Orizaba, a volcano in Mexico. Her last name is a corruption of Veracruz, where the Pico de Orizaba is located in.