Petunia Bloomer is a Garden District CRiTORA and a member of the The Wackiebuggies.


The Fairy CRiTORA. Petunia is the leader of the Wackiebuggies. She may boss around Slurpy and Burnie sometimes, but she cares about them. ViRUSES who try to mess with her are either to be blown away with fairy dust or be punched several times until they are deleted.

Physical appearance

Petunia has a primarily carnation pink body. She has beady eyes and pink cheeks below them. On top of her head, she has small, curved, pink antennas. For the body, she has a rounded torso and her limbs are thin. On the back, she has white-ish, segmented butterfly wings with pink accents on its ends and yellow circles with pink rims.

Petunia wears a white-ish flower pin with the yellow center, a pink skirt, white-ish gloves, and pink heeled shoes.


Design origins

Petunia is based on a fairy.

Name origins

Her first name is a type of flower. Her last name can be derived from Blooming.

Season 2 changes

Some detail is added to Petunia's wings, and she has her color palette subdued.