Queen ViRUS is the leader of the ViRUS army and the main antagonist of CRiTORA.


The Leader of the ViRUSES. Every day, Queen ViRUS has one thing in mind: Take over CRiTOPiA. With her swarms of ViRUSES and a plethora of creative plans, she hopes one day those pesky CRiTORA won't stand a chance against her! When she's not leading the ViRUSES, she's most likely playing with building bricks, making and acting out things with them.

Physical appearance

Queen ViRUS's head is colored purple and shaped like a diamond. She has two large, mismatched eyes colored pink, have blackish pupils and yellow sclera, as well as dark purple eyelids. Her mouth is jagged and pink on the inside. She wears a yellow crown with pink tips and accents throughout.

Her body consists of eight segments: with the first segment serving as the neck and colored yellow, six more being colored black and serving as the upper torso and the eighth and final segment being purple and serving as the lower torso. All the segments are rounded, and the last segment is much larger than the rest. On the upper torso, she has two thin arms with yellow pincer hands. On the lower torso, she has six jagged, pink, insectoid legs.

Queen ViRUS also wears a dark purple cape with a zig-zag pattern that is held together by the ViRUS emblem and wields a blackish scepter with yellow and purple on both ends, having a floating pink jewel on top.


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  • Her original name was going to be Princess ViRUS.
  • At the time of revamping Queen ViRUS for Season 1, the concept art LastyGhost made featured a honeycomb pattern on the cape. It was changed to a zig-zag in the final version for simplicity.

Design origins

Queen ViRUS' design is derived from a bacteriophage.

Design changes

For Season 1, Queen ViRUS acquires a subdued color palette and is given a scepter and a cape.


Pilot Season