Robert Bubbiduc is a Toy District CRiTORA and the leader of the CRiTORA Squad.


The Rubber Duck CRiTORA. The leader of a group of young CRiTORA known as the CRiTORA Squad. Robert may be cute and sweet, but sometimes his desire to keep things clean may get in the way. This CRiTORA will scrub everything before he touches it. However, since he leads the CRiTORA Squad, he will make sure to not disappoint his master Mackie Digiboy. Sometimes his squad will explain things to him.

Physical appearance

Robert Bubbiduc's body is colored yellow. He has a light blue bill and two long fringes of feathers that stick out of his forehead, both with white-ish tips. His arms are small and have three fingers on each. Both of his legs and webbed feet are light blue. He also has a light blue bubble-shaped tail.

Robert wears a white sailor hat with light blue accents, a light blue bowtie, and a white t-shirt.


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Design origins

Robert is based on the classic rubber duck. The fact some CRiTORA explain things to him is a reference to rubber duck debugging.

Name origins

While a common name, his first name could be derived from rubber. His last name is a portmanteau of the words "bubble" (in reference to his bubble-shaped tail) and "duck".

Season 2 changes

Robert acquires a subdued color palette.