Rumpy Sailorobbie is an Ocean District CRiTORA.


Physical Appearance

Rumpy is a blue cetacean CRiTORA sharing traits with a submarine. He has a navy blue accent that features his eyes, including the eyelids which have the same color as his accent; The accent also appears to resemble a robber's mask. There are also two small nostrils located at the top of his mask, like a real whale. His lips are light grey and so is his segmented belly. He has two arms with three-fingered fins and one of his arms have a navy blue anchor tattoo.

Rumpy also has a long tapering tail that ends with large navy blue flukes. Throughout his body, there are navy blue screws found all over on some parts of the body; In addition, he has two navy blue round windows on the side of his body and on his back, there are three grey and navy blue funnels running across.

Rumpy wears a light grey sailor's hat with a single navy blue stripe running around it.


  • He is the largest CRiTORA.

Design origins

Rumpy is based on a whale and a submarine.

Name origins

His first name is a corruption of Grumpy. His last name is a corrupted portmanteau between Sailor and Robber.