Snow Fight is the sixth episode of the first season of CRiTORA. It premiered on April 13th, 2021.


It's snowing in the Meetup District! What do our CRiTORiAN friends do? Have a snow fight!


It's snowing in the Meetup District's CRiTOPiA Park and the main CRiTORA are having a ball in the snow. Spottie has built a fort so that she'll be safe from any incoming snow objects. However, Avery decides to throw a snowball at her fort, but is, then, hit by a much larger snowball which, in turn, was created by Coneboy. He gets struck by a snowball much bigger than his and it turns out that Spottie could also make giant snowballs, not just Coneboy.

Shortly after, an anvil made of snow crushes one of the fort's walls and we now see that Coneboy can sculpt existing objects out of snow, not just simple shapes. Then, he gets hit by multiple small-size snowballs. As the fight progresses, Spottie and Avery proceed to sculpt more things out of snow. Avery has sculpted a plane out of snow while Spottie has built a giant cat-like robot. Soon, she wants to make the snowball fight even more intense. Coneboy agrees with the plan.

Meanwhile, Erniejoe is trying to lift a tree stump with all his strength, but is unable to due to the tree stump being a lot heavier than him. All of a sudden, a snowball strikes him in the face, interrupting his routine and infuriating him at the same time. He threatens to play rough on anyone who threw the snowball at him before resuming to his workout. Halfway through his workout, a snow anvil falls on top of Erniejoe, knocking him out. Coneboy rushes to the scene and tells him that his anvil was going to hit Avery's snow plane, but went for Erniejoe instead. After that, he hurries back to his friends to continue the snowball fight, but is buried by the pile of snow ejected by Avery's snow plane.

While Avery is flying plane, Spottie jumps up from behind holding the same big snowball from earlier, causing her to abandon the plane and fly away. Spottie manages to destroy the plane with the snowball, disintegrating it into a pile of snow. When the fight is over, Avery asks who won the game, only for Coneboy to reply that it wouldn't be him before a pile of snow falls from the sky and, again, buries him.

All of a sudden, a purple cloud appears out of nowhere and that purple cloud turns out to be an Abnormal CRiTORA named Quirko. The main CRiTORA greet him after his arrival at the park. After that, Quirko asks the main CRiTORA if they want to see what he can do, Spottie accepts his request,



  • This is the last episode of Season One.
  • This episode introduces alternate accessories and clothes for the CRiTORA.
  • At the same time Erniejoe debuts in this episode, his full name is revealed to be Ernest Joseph Freckler.
  • Although Beware the ViRUSES! introduced a variation of the Meetup District theme played in Eggy's House, this episode formally introduces track variations; instead of electronic instruments, acoustic ones are used and accompanied by chimes that indicate it is snowing.
    • At the same time this happens, this is the first episode to only feature one composer, this being LastyGhost.
  • LastyGhost is credited by both her current pseudonym and her full one ChoonLasty-Ghost, and is credited for Character Design despite all of the involved characters were designed by Derek Spangler.
    • However, Lasty designed the Winter outfits for Avery and Erniejoe, and the Anvil and Kite forms for Quirko.

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