Spottie Leonard is a Winter District CRiTORA and one of the main characters in the series.


The Snow Leopardess CRiTORA. Spottie is a cheerful, yet calm CRiTORA with control over her dreams. Once she thinks of something, she can manifest it with her dream clouds! Spottie often leads her friends into all sorts of adventures, including adventure-loving Avery and cautious Coneboy. And one more thing: don't even get Spottie started on ice cream, which she loves a lot!

Physical appearance

Spottie has cyan fur with teal spots all over. Her head is rounded and has a white muzzle, which is also rounded. Spottie's ears are triangular, with one of them having a notch, and have white insides. Her eyes are colored golden-yellow with black cat-like pupils. The eyes also have black eyelashes. Inside her mouth, there is a full set of sharp teeth, along with a pair of fangs. Her whiskers are colored the same as her body, with teal tips.

Spottie's underbelly is colored white and has four limbs and white paws with three digits on each. Her tail is long and has what appears to be a teal-colored ball at her tailset. Her body structure is stylized more similarly to that of a domestic cat than a snow leopard.

Default accessory

Normally, Spottie only wears a teal collar with a circular, yellow tag that has an "S" printed on it.

Known alternate accessories

  • Winter outfit: Spottie wears a cream sweater that goes through her body until half of each of the legs, and in place of a collar, she has a cadet blue scarf.


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  • Dream Clouds - Spottie can dream up things from her own imagination.
  • Spotted Roller - Spottie can turn into a spotted ball, and then crash into any ViRUSES as a form of defense.
  • Batter Up - Spottie uses her tail like a baseball bat to hit ViRUSES far away.
  • "I spotted ya!" - Spottie has excellent vision, being able to spot anything far away with ease. This ability is mainly used passively and playfully.


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  • Spottie was originally going to be a male named Spot.

Design origins

Spottie is based on a snow leopard.

Name origins

Her first name comes from her many spots. Her last name may be a misspelling of leopard.

Design changes

In Season 1, not much is different about her from its early 2020 design, with the expection of a more saturated collar tag and eyes.

In Season 2, her collar tag and eyes had now be subdued, with her white parts now opting for a more light grayest color. She additionally has her eye color changed from pure black to a very dark cyan. Also, her muzzle appears smaller, her whiskers are now shorter and thicker, the collar tag now has a shine to it, the ring of her collar is no longer there, and the torso and limbs had become more striaghten.


Pilot Season

Season 1