Thinblade is an Art District CRiTORA and a member of the CRiViRUS Gang.


The Thinner CRiTORA. Thinblade is a cold CRiTORA member of the CRiViRUS Gang that has shown hatred towards the colorful District that is their home and would snatch whatever they consider brightly-colored with their double-edge blades. To sneak past, they utilize the bottle they're contained in.

Physical appearance

Thinblade has a blackish amorphous body with lime gradients on their head and arms. Their eyes and mouth insides are solid lime, with blackish teeth. If their mouth is closed, the liquid forms two drippy fangs on their lower jaw, both of which have a lime gradient on top.

Thinblade wields dark cyan double-edge blades, and they're contained in a dark cyan bottle with the ViRUS emblem on it.


  • Amorphobility: Thinblade's body has no specific shape, allowing them to shrink or stretch whenever necessary.
  • E-Razor Slash: Thinblade's main fighting method. Consists of slashes from their double-edge blades.




  • They were revealed on October 11th, 2020, LastyGhost's 18th birthday.
  • They're one of LastyGhost's primary designs and used to be her mascot design before General Ultranova was revealed.

Design origins

Thinblade is based on thinner. Their aspect is inspired by the Shadow Blot from Epic Mickey.

Name origins

Their name comes from Thinner and Blade.

Design changes

Thinblade acquires a subdued color palette, and their blades and bottle have a more metallic aspect. The puddle beneath the bottle was also removed.

A slight design update includes a renewed ViRUS emblem and a mouth further resembling the one used when drawn by their designer.