I started a new project for myself, I call it...

Project: Accessories


What is Project: Accessories?

Now, I've decided to give most of the original 240 CRiTORA designs of mine accessories to make them stand out a bit. Keep in mind I won't be redesigning them entirely, I'm just giving them accessories like hats, clothes, and etc. I know that some of them do have clothes and accessories, but I feel like giving the ones who don't accessories would make most of them stand out.

(I'll eventually get to some of my later additions)

So far, I got some done so far, like Ming-Ming LightPixel CodeguinDeskjet ChuckleTravis Tristop, and more to come eventually.

Anyways, that's all I have to say aside from that fact that Episode 3 is also under production, but production is going kind of slow at the moment. Episode 3's title will be revealed soon eventually. Anyways, see ya next time.

~Derek Spangler, CRiTORA Creator