The ViRUSES are the main antagonists in the CRiTORA series. They are led by Queen ViRUS and inhabit in the ViRUTE Bay.


Character artwork Name/Type Bio Phyiscal appearance Appearances Voiced by
Queen ViRUS (New Derek Artwork).png Queen ViRUS Leader of the ViRUS swarm. Every day, Queen ViRUS has one thing in mind: Take over CRiTOPiA. With her swarms of ViRUSES and a plethora of creative plans, she hopes one day those pesky CRiTORA won't stand a chance against her! Check Queen ViRUS's page. "Beware the ViRUSES!" Kelly Greenshield
ViRAL Pup (New Derek Artwork).png ViRAL Pup Coming soon. ViRAL Pup has magenta fur, blackish pink unmatched eyes in a yellow sclera, with the oval one having a white-ish iris, and blackish pink nose and ears. She has a yellow underbelly, blackish pink legs that end in yellow paws, and a tail composed of two blackish pink circles and a yellow one between them. She wears a blackish pink collar. "Beware the ViRUSES!" Elizabeth Ryan
V-A (New Derek Artwork).png V-A One of the three base ViRUSES. V-A ViRUSES are the ViRUSES that attack CRiTORA the most. The V-A ViRUS is red in color and has black ears. It has yellow sclera and one of its eyes is orange. It has a thin upright body with four black and red insectoid legs. "Beware the ViRUSES!"

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Derek Spangler
V-B (New Derek Artwork).png V-B One of the three base ViRUSES. V-B ViRUSES block attacks with their hands, then strike back at CRiTORA. The V-B ViRUS is turquoise in color and has a blocky body. It has yellow sclera, and one of it's eyes are colored purple and it has teal eyelids. On top of its head is a black fin. It also has turquoise humanoid hands and four tiny black legs. "Beware the ViRUSES!"

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Derek Spangler
V-C (New Derek Artwork).png V-C One of the three base ViRUSES. V-C ViRUSES are scatterbrained, but extremely quick at infecting CRiTORA. The V-C ViRUS is green in color and has yellow sclera with one of its eyes being white. On top of it's head, it has a black blocky hairdo. It also has two black pincers and two small black legs. "Beware the ViRUSES!"

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Derek Spangler
V-D (New Derek Artwork).png V-D A type of ViRUS. The V-D ViRUS is pink in color and has a tall stragiht body. It has yellow sclera, and one of it's eyes are colored orange. On top of his head is a small jagged strand of hair. It also has two small arms with no arms and two black legs with pink feet. "Sky-Flying Frenzy" Sam A. Webster
V-SPY (New Derek Artwork).png V-SPY A type of ViRUS. It is not an active attacker, but it can gather information to be used against a CRiTORA's will. V-SPY has eyes in a yellow sclera, one of which has a light grayish iris. The eyes have a blackish joint that gives the impression its eyes are glasses. It has six, blackish insectoid legs, and it wears a dark grayish fedora with a light grayish stripe. "Dawn of the Nameless" LastyGhost
V-RT.png V-RT A rat-like ViRUS Check V-RT's page. "BONUS Bonanza"


Garrett Eulett
V-M4A (New Derek Artwork).png V-M4A A type of ViRUS. It stuns CRiTORA with powerful screams. To be written "Origins" Garrett Eulett
V-SPAM (New Derek Artwork).png V-SPAM A type of ViRUS. It pretends to be a common mail envelope containing "exclusive" offers to unpleasantly surprise CRiTORA. V-SPAM's body is a pastel blue square with shrunken blackish pupils in a yellow sclera, with its right eye has a green iris. It hides on a grayish evelope with blackish batlike wings. "Origins" Garret Eulett
V-GULP (New Derek Artwork).png V-GULP A type of ViRUS. It is in charge of carrying other ViRUSES in case they get tired of running. To be written "Origins" TBA


  • Queen ViRUS' original name was going to be Princess ViRUS.
  • V-SPY is the first ViRUS not designed by Derek Spangler, but by LastyGhost. Interestingly enough, it is also voiced by her.

Name origins

  • V-SPY is named after the spyware type of computer virus.

Design changes

  • In Season 1, Queen ViRUS was heavily simplified, most notibily her square eyes becoming round, her pincers are now connected to her new arms, her torso is now simply eight grey segments, and she now wears a taller crown. The three basic virus types' body color (V-A, V-B, and V-C) were all saturated. V-A received an extra eye and its three holes were reduced from three to two and became ears. V-B's eyes became bigger, taller, and closer together, along with its feet now being hemispheres instead of sphere. V-C's eyes are reduced from three to two and were moved to be beside of each other instead of being above and below each other. V-C's pincers were also reduced from six to two, and additionally gained an extra leg.
  • In Season 2, Queen ViRUS' yellow parts were subduded, with her grey parts now opting for a dark purple color. She also receives a cape with a zig-zag pattern a scepter with a pink gem on top, an extra spike on her crown, and a ViRUS emblem attached on her neck. ViRAL Pup's yellow parts were also subduded, with her grey parts now opting for a dark magenta color. She now wears a collar around her neck. The three basic virus types' body and eye color had all been subduded, with its grey parts also opting for a darker color of their body color. Also, V-C's body color had changed from pure green to an icky green.